A few months ago, I went to a promotional products trade show. As I usually do at these shows, I felt like a kid in a candy store. I wanted a sample of everything that caught my attention for my clients, and then the boxes started arriving a few weeks later.

I used it to impress my teens. "Oh wow, look at this sample that was sent to me." It did not seem to work until I had on a pair of Glossier sample sunglasses on, and then my daughter noticed. "Mom, where did you get those? And do you even know what Glossier is?" Yes, teenage daughter... I do (now).

The next time I was in a rush and could not find my regular sunglasses, I went back to my sample sunglass stockpile. I grabbed the bright yellow ones with Reese's branding. I felt a little silly wearing them, but they were comfortable and it was hard to lose bright yellow sunglasses; so they soon became my go to pair. I can put aside fashion for comfort & ease, or so I thought that is what I was doing until I started receiving compliments.

The first compliment on my sunglasses was from an 7-year-old, and I sensed she was vying for me to give them to her. I received